Saturday, December 3, 2011

How to care the nails of baby

How to care the nails of baby

  • During the first days of life of the newborn, the nails are fully bonded to the skin and you should not cut, because you may cut the skin at the same time. To help the nails to peel off the skin, you can gently massage them throughout the bath.
  • Wait until the nails are long enough before cutting, and choose a good time to do so: for example, after bathing your child, when it is calm and relaxed or when sleeping. Teach them gradually to this routine.
  • Remember toenails: to ensure that they are embodied, cut-rights, on one side to another, so that the corners are relatively long. However, it is advisable to slightly round the corners of the fingernails, so your baby does not scratched.


  1. When I get a baby, I'll start reading your blog :P

    love Heidi

  2. Estupendo blog...


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