Saturday, November 5, 2011

How to care the navel of baby

How to care the navel of baby

  • Clean it every day with a cotton swab dipped in warm water. Never use alcohol. Spend it carefully around his umbilical cord. Do not worry, it will do him no harm. Then dry the navel with the other end of the swab to the area remains clean and dry. Repeat after bathing.
  • Make sure that the layer of your baby is curled under her navel so that it does not rub. Let her navel to the air if the weather permits.
  • The cord is partially attached and there are some traces of blood? Do not worry. It is important not to pull on the cord, even if it is partially detached. When it is fully healed, it will fall on its own. This usually happens from day 5 to day 20 after birth.
  • If the cord is oozing and smelly, it bleeds a lot or it looks red and swollen, see your pediatrician. He may prescribe an antibiotic to prevent local infection.

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